Monday, May 16, 2011

I am back! hv been ages I hvnt update this blog..seriously, I'm not a blogger! But..I'm still a baker and cook of course! FYI everybody, recently me and my bff - Emma Adnan set-up our company and product brand..So from now on all our product wl be known as Sweet Fingers under MF Green Enterprise. I wl upload the logo soon.

However, here I'll upload some photos of our recent products. Em, since today is a Teachers Day (Happy Teachers Day to all my teachers & fren!), I'm packed with cuppies orders. Plus, I made fruit tarts for my daughter's teachers.  Ok, stop for now. Enjoy the pics!

3 designs cuppies for Teachers Day (Last minute order..11.30pm on 14/5/2011. Must deliver on 15/5/2011 @ 8pm)

Fruit Tarts for my daughter's teacher. 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

DONUT Mania!!!

Somehow, I wanna eat donut today..but I only want J.Co donut..but too far and too drive, to go thru traffic at Bukit Bintang and to que..end up..make my own!

I copied the recipe from to be specific from

Quite satisfied with the result...soft..

Cuppies For Husna Aizan Quran's Completion Ceremony

Angah ordered for 40 pcs. I've decided to bake blueberry cuppies. I love the taste. For the decoration, I was practicing my piping skill and fondant roses. I'm quite satisfied with the result..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New experience everyday!

Suddenly thinking of Kuih Talam Gula Melaka. One of my fav of Traditional Malay dessert. I had google the web and found the simple recipe.

Brown layer
1 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup of sugar
5 cup water
(combine all the above and boiled it. Let it cool)
2 cup flour
2tbs cornflour
1tsp slake lime (kapur sireh)

Heat up the steam cooker and grease the pan
Combine all the ingredient and cook it for about 20 mins.
Once it cooked, scratch on top  with fork

Coconut layer
3cup coconut milk
1cup riceflour
1tsp salt

In a separate bowl, combine all the ingredients
Cook it for about 4-5 mins
Then, pour it on the Brown layer
Cook it back in the steamer for about 20 min
Chilled it and eat it!

Nice to eat with our hot tea!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cuppies for My Nephew Engagement

New experience everyday!

Somehow, I wanted to sponsor this cuppies for him. However, I was quite dissatisfied the end result of my project. My idea and the result not as i expected. Too much blue, why green based and why large size! 

Well, I hd learnt new technique for decorating roses from YouTube by David Cake Cakincrazy. Very simple and easy! At least, the roses make me satisfied!

Cuppies For Noor's Son Birthday

New experience everyday!

An old fren of mind, Kak Noor order this cuppies for her son birthday. I was so surprised that her son already celebrating 14th birthday but yet his mom still look sooooooo gorgeous and vogue.  I was quite blank with ideas in the beginning bcoz very seldom i make decoration for boy/guy. Well, the end result I felt quite satisfied!

Cakes Prices

So far, I'm not yet expert. However, I'm proud of my cakes that i've made for my daughters bday parties. Well, as per requested by some of my frens and relatives, below are the cake photos with the discribtion and prices.

Barbie doll cake.
I prefer to bake moist choc cake + choc ganache filling because it's more firm and make my job easy when installing the doll and decorating it.
Butter cream
Butter cream: RM 200/cake
Fondant: RM 200/cake
* if you wanna use ur own doll, disc RM 20
Total weight: 5kg 

Birthday cake
Cake:Orange/ butter/ choc 


  • Chocolate ganache
  • Lemon chocolate ganache
  • Blueberry/strawberry/orange cream
Topping: Butter/ Chocolate/ Fondant

  • edible image
  • chocolate (M&M, Smarties)
  • others standard decoration items for cake

Butter/choc Topping: RM 80/cake
Fondant: RM 100/cake
* for customize edible image (i need to order separately) extra charge RM 30
Total weight: 3.5kg 

I will bake more cakes so I can show more yummy cakes! I do have an intention to bake wedding cake. But I have no one getting married..OK, for this reason..I would like to offer to any of my reader out there who wants to get married this coming May 2010, the FIRST bride/groom-to-be that leave comment on this, I will bake 2 tier cakes for you for FREE. So..hurry up!